Wedding Terms & Conditions


To make a tentative booking the client must submit a Beach Road Wines Wedding Enquiry Form to management.


Upon receipt of the Wedding Enquiry Form, Beach Road Wines will provide the client with a written quote, all prices are current at the time of the quotation and are subject to revision by the manager prior to confirmation of booking.

Confirmation of Booking

Confirmation of a booking by the client must be in writing within 14 days of receiving the quote. Should your deposit not be returned within 14 days, Beach Road Wines management reserves the right to release the date and allocate the space to another client.

Dietary Requirements

Special dietary and allergy requirements must also be given at the time of confirmation of your booking. An extra charge of $5.00 per person is incurred for gluten free requirements.

Security Deposit

A minimum non-transferable deposit of $1000 is required at the time of booking.

Minimum Spend

A minimum spend of $8000 is required for all weddings unless otherwise agreed in writing with prior approval from Beach Road Wines.

Final payment and numbers

Confirmation of final numbers, menu and beverage is required with final payment no later than 7 working days prior to the function, at which time the deposit is deducted. This is the minimum number of catered guests for which you will be charged. No refunds are given.


In the event of a cancellation by the client, the deposit will be refunded if the cancellation is received 14 days prior to the function date. This term may be altered by the discretion of the Beach Road Wines management.

Reduction of guest numbers

In the event that within 30 days prior to the event, the expected attendance figure is reduced by more than 20%, the client may be liable to pay for up to 50% of the resultant reduction in function cost (based only on the reduction in excess of 20%).

Client responsibly

The client if required to inform all relevant persons involved in the organising of the function, whether colleagues or contractors, of the venue’s Terms and Conditions.

External Suppliers

Any external suppliers are to contact and visit Beach Road Wines at a minimum of two days before the wedding date. Beach Road Wines will be liable for any damage incurred to external supplier’s equipment.


The client is held responsible for any damage to, or sustained to Beach Road Wines by the client or invitees, other than damage caused by Beach Road Wines management of staff.

Compliance and Liability

It is understood that the client will conduct their function in an orderly manner in full compliance with the venues management and with all applicable laws. Beach Road Wines reserves the right to exclude or eject any and all objectionable people from the function or the premises without liability.

Loss or Theft

Beach Road Wines does not accept any responsibility for the damage, or loss of any gifts or goods before, during or after a function. Any items left at Beach Road Wines longer than one week after the event will be discarded.


Beach Road Wines reserves the right (under the Liquor Licensing Act) to refuse service of alcohol to intoxicated or disorderly patrons. There patrons may also be asked the leave the premises.


All functions must comply with Liquor Licensing regulations. It is a condition of our licence that all evening entertainment finishes as 11.00pm with all guests to depart the property prior to 12.00am (midnight).

Fire Exits and Extinguishers

Fire exits and extinguishers are to be kept clear and visible at all times.


In accordance with legislation, no smoking is permitted anywhere within the premises. Smoking is allowed in nominated area’s only.


Security is mandatory for all weddings held at Beach Road Wines.

Commencement and Vacation of Venue

The client agrees to begin and vacate the venue at the scheduled times agreed upon. In the event that the function should go beyond the agreed finish or if the following client is inconvenienced, the manager reserves the right to charge whatever the extra costs are reasonably incurred to ensure the smooth operation of the function.

Set up and delivery of equipment

Clients are responsible for the cost involved in ensuring set up and break down time on all function space. All deliveries must be prior advised to the venue and must be marked with the name and date of the function. Beach Road Wines will not be responsible for the movement of goods from the loading area to the function area. The venue does not have a storage facility.

Beach Road Wines will not accept responsibility for any injuries sustained to any person as a result of equipment installed by the client’s servants.


No food or beverage of any kind will be permitted to be brought into the venue for consumption at the function by the client or by guests, invitees or persons attending the function, except by prior arrangement with management.

Confetti and scatters

No confetti or scatters, or similar, are permitted anywhere in the venue including the grounds. Removal of such substances will be at the cost of the client.


General Cleaning is included in the cost of the function. However, additional cleaning charges may be incurred where a function has created cleaning requirements which are considered to be over and above normal.